Wood Samples Company

Dear Colleagues:
Over the last three decades, I have spent millions on running tests on untreated and treated wood products at Testing and Evaluation Labs around the world.
In the last few years, I have had the opportunity to visit many of these testing labs, and have performed critical reviews and evaluations on many Standardized Test methods.
One thing that I observed was clear, especially when viewing digital images and live, real testing...Great Test Labs do not always produce accurately machined and Standard specific test specimens.

Late in 2008, I partnered with one on the highest quality machine shops in the USA, and began using them to produce the untreated wood samples, which would later be treated according to AWPA, ASTM, and various EN Protocols. Accordingly, tests results began coming in with less variability and more consistent product evaluations.
Today, I am able to offer the Wood Preservation community access to this high quality sets of untreated, standardized samples for product evaluation at reasonable costs and delivery timeframe.

I invite you to e-mail or fax in a request for product quotation and hope you enjoy reviewing your sample needs in the downloadable product brochure.

Mike H. Freeman

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