This expert is a Consulting Independent Wood Scientist in Wood Preservation from Memphis, Tennessee. Previously, he was Technical Manager of ISK Biosciences, Industrial Biocides Division in Memphis where his responsibilities included Product Chemistry, Patents, Research and Product Development, new products and existing product technical support and Regulatory Affairs. Prior to ISK, he was Vice-President, Sales and Marketing of Chapman Chemical Company of Memphis, TN and Wood Products Manager / Senior Chemist of Forshaw Chemicals, Inc. in Charlotte, NC.  

He is a member of The Society of Wood Science and Technology, American Chemical Society - Cellulose Div., American Wood Protection Association, American Society of Testing and Materials, The Canadian Wood Preservers' Association, The Forest Products Society, International Research Group on Wood Protection, Federation of Societies for Coating Technology, and Xi Sigma Pi - National Honor Society. He is the past Chair of the AWPA Treatment Subcommittee T-2 on Treatment of Lumber and Timber. He is a Past Chair of the AWPA Subcommittee P-3 on Organic and Organo-Metallic Wood Preservatives, including Creosote and Creosote Systems, and the Past Chair ( 3 terms )  of the Forest Products Society Treated Wood Technical Interest Group. He is the past AWPA Subcommittee P-6 Vice-Chair on Methods of Evaluation of Wood Preservatives and also the past Vice-Chair of the AWPA Subcommittee on Non-Pressure Treatment of Composites.

He is the author or co-author of over 175 technical publications in Wood Preservation and Biocides/Pesticides. He has been involved in the wood preservation business for over three decades. He is the author of three separate chapters in two current books on Wood Preservation and the Co-Editor of the new book on Wood Preservation and Molds by the American Chemical Society. He has traveled extensively to all 50 US States and over 40 countries to date. He received his B.S. degrees in Wood Science and Chemistry from North Carolina State University.